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BMS Karate is dedicated to introduce the benefits of martial arts to everyone through a fun, fitness oriented
program for Children and Adults alike. Children benefit with better school grades, better focus, confidence,
self-esteem, discipline, self-respect and a strong and flexible body.

Adults burn fat, build strong bones, gain speed and flexibility, clear their mind from stress, keep their mind
active and use karate as a release from everyday life. The dojo, located in Vaughan Ontario, is a safe haven for many practitioners, it becomes
their home away from home.

Be part of BMS Karate and walk the path to becoming a student of life.

June Calendar - Busy Month!
louisbms louisbms 2 months ago

Join us at 10501 Weston Rd. for Sensei Rick and Sensei Joe's dojo grand opening! Classes run fro… Read More

May 2017
louisbms louisbms 3 months ago
April Calendar
louisbms louisbms 3 months ago

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March 2017 Calendar
louisbms louisbms 5 months ago

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February Calendar & New dojo!
louisbms louisbms 6 months ago

BMS Karate #2 NOW OPEN! See staff for details.… Read More


B is for Body
Practicticing karate is a great way to stay in shape. Take care of your body, you only get one.

M is for Mind
Develop a strong mind and no obstacle will stand in your way. A focused mind is your best ally.

S is for Spirit
The spirit of a martial art is reflected in our everyday life. It can make us into an amazing person.